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Artist Makes Lifelike Sculptures of People Using Recycled Newspapers


Will Kurtz is a talented artist that became known for his detailed sculptures of people of all ages made from colorful newspapers and magazines.

His works are very realistic, despite the textured appearance of the material he uses.

It would be interesting to note that the characters invented by Kurtz have the same physical imperfections as real people, including hanging jowls, rolls of fat and bags under eyes.

Each of his characters has on its surface pieces of newspapers with scandalous headlines, depressing news and tabloidized faces of famous people place.

Kurtz draws inspiration from people he notices around New York. However, instead of picking ordinary people, he selects those that we usually tend to avoid, including homeless people and beggars with and without limbs.

In addition, the artist wants to illustrate the beer belly by using more newspaper. All-in-all the main characters in his works are the underlings of society.

[via Will Kurtz at Mike Weiss Gallery]

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