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Artist Makes Photographic Portraits Using People's DNA Traces


From his CV one can draw the conclusion that artist Michael Mapes is anything but ordinary: "1979: decided not to attend Rhode Island School of Design. 1989-90: Contemplated in Boston. 2012: Still doesn't text."

His works are portraits that the author himself calls Specimens. They are made from actual DNA and other debris produced by people.

The starting point involves taking several hundreds of pictures of an individual in their environment. Thus, according to Mapes, he gets a more complex understanding of a person's identity.

During a close work with the subject, the artist picks up pieces of debris they leave, including eyelashes, perfume, handwriting samples, garden dirt, and even their pets' hair.

The next step involved creating a photographic portrait with the help of things Mapes was able to find.

For more information about the artist and his works check out Mapes website.

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