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Artist Makes Portraits Using Junk


The talented artist Jason Mecier creates portraits of celebrities using junk. For example the portrait of Mariah Carey includes different beauty products, like lipstick and eyeliner.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Mecier is famous for his masterpieces - he has been creating works of art from rubbish for over 10 years. For his works, the artist uses waste that is gladly offered by celebrities themselves. One of his latest creations is the portrait of US President Barack Obama.

The list of celebrities illustrated on his works includes: Anna Nicole-Smith, Olsen twins, Andy Warhol, comedians Cheech and Chong, comedian Chris Rock and Ru Paul.

Here at infoniac.com we discovered that Jason has always been interested in making art using all sorts of items around him. Mecier's grandmother was the one to inspire the artist.

The portrait of Anna Nicole Smith is made of pink toys and newspaper articles that wrote about the tragic death of the pop star. Andy Warhol's illustration includes the Campbell soup cans that became famous thank to Andy and bananas that look like the ones on the album coverwork he developed for The Velvet Underground.

The comedian Chris Rock is illustrated using a brick wall resembling those found in New York comedy clubs. The comedian is surrounded by different items such as a DVD copy of Pootie Tang and a movie in which he played a role. The two famous comedians Cheech and Chong are shown on a work made up of drug paraphernalia that includes a bong and cigarette lighters. The work illustrating the drag queen Ru Paul includes different hair products, mobile phones and a book entitled: Gay Haiku.

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