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Artist Recreated Mona Lisa Using Burger Grease


Phil Hansen is an artist who succeeded in recreating the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting of Mona Lisa with the help of 14 grease-laden burgers.

The idea was brought by a fast food company that had the goal of showing the amount of fat that featured in the food of its competitors.

Over the internet the company posted a one-minute video in which the 29-year-old Hansen illustrates his work on an 11-foot canvas, created from butcher paper.

The advertising video was created for the US restaurant chain Arby's. It is worth mentioning that in 2008 the artist, who is from Minneapolis, made a similar painting using chips.

"People said it was a nice recreation and there were lots of comments on the nastiness of how it was made. Many of the people who saw it had just eaten a hamburger that day - they were a bit grossed out by the idea," said Hansen.

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