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Artist Recycles Old Magazines and Books to Make Nice Paper Objects


Jennifer Collier is a British artist that creates nice works of art using old books, papers, magazines and more.

She manages to accurately stitch the paper to make such paper sculptures as binoculars, camera, and sewing machine.

The first thing that she does is searches for work materials in stores and charity shops. The inspiration can be drawn from a poem or single quote.

Her cameras are wrapped in maps and postcards that bring more meaning to the work, showing that these devices are used a lot when people travel. Collier's typewriters are coated in a romantic novel and shoes can be seen covered with waltzing sheet music. Each work is made with a lot of attention paid to details.

It is worth mentioning that the artist uses sewn paper to create different types of clothing like dresses and shoes. These garments are not meant to be used but rather to inform people about the need to recycle and protect nature.

Collier and her works featured in a number of magazines, including Elle Decoration, Living Etc., Marie Claire, and Country Living. She has her own workspace that she calls Unit Twelve. The artist also teaches children everything from paper mache to textile techniques. It seems that students feel inspired to work about various creations that enrich Collier's studio.

[via Illusion.Scene360]

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