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Artist Uses Household Materials to Create Landscape Art


Matthew Albanese is a talented artist from New Jersey who creates amazing landscapes from household objects. He uses a wide range of materials such as tile grouting, cinnamon and steel wool. The sculptures are then brought to life through the art of photography.

A lot of the designs are about 1 meter long, but the effect of a huge landscape is obtained by the angle of the camera.

For the first time the artist started making such sculptures two years ago and already managed to sell seven of his works at a price of GBP600 each. Mr. Albanese is visual merchandiser, but he became bored of his job and thought he needed an outlet.

"One day I knocked over a tub of paprika and as I was cleaning up the mess I began to daydream. I thought it was a great shade of red and reminded me of Mars, an exotic place I could only dream of seeing," he said. Then Mr. Albanese thought about creating the landscape of Mars. To do this he went out and purchased 5kg of the pungent spice. Thus his first landscape was made.

After that, the artist made the models of a volcano (made using grout, cotton, and phosphorous ink), the northern lights and a tornado (made using steel wool). Sugarland is considered to be one of his most inspiring works. To complete the work he had to grow sugar crystals for about a month. Mr. Albanese says that his works require a lot of time and are very hard to make. More images available here

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