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Artist Uses Old Paper Money to Make Trees


Maximo Gonzalez is an Argentinean artist, now living in Mexico City, who uses old banknotes to create beautiful trees with roots, leaves and fruits.

A lot of his works can be seen at Artane Art Gallery in Istanbul. The gallery, entitled "Something Like An Answer To Something," will be opened until May 28.

According to a Turkish newspaper Today's Zaman, the artist became very popular thanks to his works that are based on the idea of "reutilization."

"The materials I use have their own stories," says Gonzalez. "I recycle all these materials and ideas and build a new concept, a new language, to express new ideas and, finally, new reflections," he added.

Gonzalez can also boast works based on politics. These works are made of curriculum materials and political propaganda items, such as those used during South American dictatorships.

"Project for the Reutilization of Obsolete Vehicles after the Extinction of Petrol" represents a series of his works that illustrate the shells of boats, motor homes, pick-up trucks, and military equipment that are used to grow different fruits and vegetables.

The artist explains: "The idea of reutilization here is that one day the oil will all be consumed. What will happen to all these vehicles? I offer to use these vehicles as flower pots to repair all the damage we caused in nature."

[via TreeHugger]

More of the artist's works can be seen here.

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