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Artist Builds Biggest Fairytale Sandcastle


When he was a kid, Paul Hoggard did not get the chance to build a sandcastle, but when he grew up he decided to make his dream come true, and now that he is older, and more experienced, the sandcastle of his dreams should be more than just a small heap of sand.

Despite the fact that Mr. Hoggard has been a sand master for over a decade, only recently he managed to finish his most impressive sand creation - a huge fortress that is bigger than three double-decker buses, being 8 meters (26 feet) high and almost 24 meters (80 feet) wide.

To make his magical fortress, the artist used 300 tons of sand. The whole project was completed in a week with the help of ten sculptors, who were guided by Mr. Hoggard. The team worked near Scheveningen, Holland, which is considered to be the home of sand art.

"This was certainly one of the biggest sandcastles I've made and it was really fun to see everyone's faces when it was built. I don't think there is any other art form where you can build something this big so quickly," said the sand artist.

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