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Artist Re-creates Stonehenge Using Old Cars


Everybody knows the famous Stonehenge, a popular prehistoric monument that can be found in the English county of Wiltshire. An artist, whose name is Jim Reinders, decided to re-create the monument, but instead of using stones, he came up with the idea of using scrap vehicles.

The so-called Carhenge can be observed in Alliance, Nebraska. Each year thousands of tourists come to see the modern replica of the prehistoric Stonehenge.

According to the artist, he created Carhenge in tribute to his father. The monument is composed of 38 cars with a pick-up truck and an ambulance among them. It is worth mentioning that each car is placed in the same position as the real boulder of the actual Stonehenge. You can read about other talented artists here at www.InfoNIAC.com - check the links at the bottom of the story.

Maybe there a point in the new monument - it is believed that the real Stonehenge was associated with rituals of cremation and burial grounds, while the new monument could represent the death of cars.

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