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Artist Tricks Viewers with Stunning 3D Images


Artist John Pugh fooled a lot of people by creating stunning lifelike scenes on walls of absolutely intact buildings.

If you take a look at the picture below, you might see a hole in the wall and a woman looking inside the room. Neither the damaged wall nor the woman are real, both are 3D images of Pugh. The scene was painted on a building found on Main Street in the town of Los Gatos. Inside you can see jaguar gods, which the Mayans see as the ones who produce earthquakes.

The talented artist is expert in trompe l'oeil, which means "trick of the eye" art. According to Pugh, people enjoy being visually tricked. The works of the California-born artist can be observed in different countries from New Zealand to Hawaii.

The work below illustrates a huge wave that is about to crash on to a pavement. It can be seen in Honolulu, Hawaii. The entire work was made in about 8 months. Pugh did not work alone, however, with 11 artists helping to accomplish the scene, which includes Queen Lili'uokalani with Duke Kahanamoku. The former was the last monarch of the Hawaiian Islands and the only queen who ruled the Kingdom of Hawai'i while Kahanamoku is the first person included in the Surfing Hall of Fame.

Pugh's work is so realistic that once, when it was almost finished, a fire brigade stopped nearby and its members jumped out to save the children in the painting. "They got about 15 feet away and then doubled over laughing when they realized what it was," said the artist.

Pugh says that his lifelike scenes help him communicate with a large number of people.

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