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Atheist Advertising Campaign Shows that Britain is a Secular Country


The organizers of a campaign, which is aimed towards gaining money to run atheist ads on busses that travel around London, mentioned that the results went beyond their expectations.

Initially the goal of the organizers was to accumulate 5,500 pounds (around $9,000), but it took only 24 hours for the campaign to gain 47,900 pounds (around $80,000). The advertising message stated: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life," the Guardian reported.

According to Ariane Sherine, who was the one to get the ball rolling on The Guardian website when she posted a comment in June, extra money opens doors to a lot of options.

"We could go national, we could have tube posters, different slogans, more buses, advertising inside buses. The sky's the limit - except, of course, there's nothing up there," she said.

It is possible that the group will obtain more money. Richard Dawkins, the man who wrote "The God Delusion," said that additional 5,500 pounds would be gained for sure. Ariane Sherine mentioned that the "light-hearted message" written on the ads makes, in fact, a serious point, i.e. Great Britain is a secular country.

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