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Atlas Missile Base Transformed Into Eco-Friendly House


Despite the fact that this design was presented in October 2009 and offered for sale on the Silohome website in April 2009, it is still worth the attention.

Imagine the Atlas Missile Base that has been repurposed, renovated and transformed into an eco-friendly 2,300 sq. ft. underground living facility. Located in the Adirondacks, the home features a private runway and fiber optic effect lighting. It also boasts a ventilation system that was designed to be able to resist nuclear and biochemical attack.

Everything that was once related to the Atlas missiles was taken away. Whoever lives or is going to live in this house will never be bothered by the noise or any vibration from the outside since the structure is constructed on a spring suspension that absorbs the shock waves, informs TreeHugger.

The underground building has a contemporary 2,000 sq. ft. tower situated on top of it, featuring a large garage and a "wrap around porch which hides the underground structure entryway."

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