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Bad Teeth and Breath Among the Biggest Concerns on Dates


According to a survey of 1,000 women that was carried out on behalf of Macleans, Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine, eight out of ten women worry the most about bad breath before a romantic meeting.

About 78 percent of women are more likely to worry about their teeth and breath before their spouse thought about their garments or general look, researchers discovered.

The poll also showed that only 4 percent of women are puzzled about the underwear they should put on before a romantic encounter.

"Our research shows that people make instant assumptions about your confidence and character dependent on how healthy your teeth are and how fresh your breath is," mentioned Miranda Honan, a spokeswoman for Macleans.

She added that if a person feels happy about their teeth then they will smile more often, thus improving others' opinion about them. "Then, in turn, other people will see you as more confident and attractive," she said.

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