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Bar in Spain Encourages Visitors to Insult Staff


A bar in Spain decided to attract more customers with a brand new idea - it encourages its clients to insult the bar's staff and offers free drinks to those who comes up with the most original or amusing abuse.

The name of the bar is Casa Pocho, and you can find it in the southern town of Cullera, close to Valencia. Its workers encourage visitors who release their frustrations during the difficult times of economic crisis.

"When you come in after work, you can swear at them and call them b*****d or imbecile," said one of the Casa Pocho locals.

The owner of the bar, Polish-born Bernard Mariusz, believes that using the rich Spanish dictionary of earthy obscenities could serve well for a lot of families. When people pay a visit to the bar they release all their anger on the staff, thus being able to preserve their frustration when coming home to their families.

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