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Biggest Crossword in the World Built in Ukraine


If you are a fan of puzzles than it will probably be of much interest for you to observe the biggest crossword in the world, which was created on the side of a tower block located in the city of Lvov, Ukraine. The crossword fills the whole wall of the house, being over 100ft high.

Those who attempt to solve the puzzle have to find certain clues that are spread across the city in parks, fountains, theatres and other major attractions. People show a lot of interest in the crossword, the developers of which encourage them to work out the puzzle over the weekend, making their brains and legs work harder.

Despite the fact that the crossword is rather big to be filled in by a person, having 19 squares across and 34 squares high, its creators invented a rather interesting way of interpreting the answers. As soon as the night falls, the puzzle reveals all the answers in fluorescent letters written in the squares.

The gigantic puzzle was developed to attract more visitors to the city. However, only those who understand the Cyrillic alphabet are able to solve the crossword. For those who decided to visit the city of Lvov it will be useful to note that it is located in the far west of the country, near the boarder with Poland. The city is famous for its rich culture, opera and ballet. In addition, it has its own great philharmonic orchestra and in 1998 the center of Lvov was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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