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Biggest Pen in the World Made in India


This incredible creation was designed by M. Srinivasa Acharya, a 50-year-old Indian social study teacher and built by two Hyderabad artists Ratnam and Malikarajan.

Claimed to be the world's biggest pen, this device is made of 10 cylindrical structures that were connected to form a 16-feet-long and 1-foot-wide pen, weighting 40 kilograms.

Surely the brass-plated pen is not meant to be used for writing; it is a token of appreciation for the recent efforts of the Prime Minister of India to help make way for the 2010 ratification of India's Right to Education bill.

The pen was named "Bharatiya Pali," which means India's Pen. The artists needed 56 days and around 450 man hours to shape the pieces of brass into pen and make various illustrations of Indian culture, Hindu dance forms and musical instruments across the entire pen.

The designer spent Rs 2.5 lakh ($5,555 USD). He now looks forward to show his latest creation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on behalf of all people of India as a thank you for his attempts to make the Education bill pass through, reports AOLNews.

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