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World's Biggest Private Collection of Lego


A British collector and big fan of Star Wars revealed his unique and huge collection of Lego that includes more than two million brinks. The 32-year-old Darren Smith started collecting the colorful bricks when his parents gave him a set of Lego town as a Christmas present when he was only five. The boy was so fascinated that he decided to collect Lego all his life.

Now the entire collection of the data analyst from Exeter, Devon, fills his garage and a loft constructed specially for his toys. He said that his favorite figures are the characters from the Star Wars: C3PO and Dark Vader. All in all he possesses 2,000 sets that include various superheroes, astronauts, cowboys and police.

It is interesting to note that his collection outruns the previous record of a British collector Phil Traviss, 50, from Yarm in North Yorkshire, who possesses 500,000 bricks. The value of Darren's 2,000,000 bricks collection is about GBP 50,000 ($92,800).

"'I love Lego - the colors and the shapes are timeless. The wife doesn't mind me having all the Lego in the garage and the loft but she goes mad when it gets into the rest of the house. We get on really well as long as I keep the collection under control - but it's hard to do that at times," he said.

Darren also added: "We plan to have kids in the future which would give me a great excuse to build on my collection even more. Hopefully they will share my passion for Lego. Storage is an issue but I just keep on collecting. Lego produce about 200 new sets each year and I want them all."

According to Claire, Darren's wife, the Lego collection is "gradually spreading" all around the house.

"It drives me mad. His collection is unbelievable - he is completely obsessed. He is always talking about Lego. It has got to the point where I need to take steps to stop his habit getting out of control. The house is over run. If he had his way we'd have a Lego extension built. The bricks are slowly spreading to other areas of the house like the lounge and kitchen," said Claire.

She added that Darren talks about Lego 24/7 and chats non-stop to other fans of Lego. Claire mentioned that her husband sometimes spends enormous sums of money on Lego.

"He knows I will get angry so he keeps it to himself. But I always see these little parcels arrive which are the new toys he has ordered," she said.

When Darren turned 27 he joined a club for adults, called Brickish Association. Now Darren builds a 5ft Lego figure of Winnie the Pooh and 3ft Piglet.

Source: Telegraph

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