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Football fans have bitten off the ears of a tavern keeper


Dimitris Tsibibakis, a Greek tavern keeper, working at a health resort, lost both of his ears while trying to part football fans. The fight began in his tavern during a football match between Greece and Turkey. When he tried to part the fighting fans they have bitten off significant parts of his ears.

According to an official source, a group of Bulgarian immigrants, who entered the tavern, starting screaming and supporting the Turkish team which, by the way, scored another goal. Afterwards a fight with the frequenters began. The tavern keeper started to part the cockerels but then, according to Mr. Tsibibakis, he found himself lying on the floor.

On the national television the tavern keeper said that one of the football fans grabbed his ear and the other one started chewing the other. They have bitten off some pretty big pieces of his ears which, he said, he still keeps as a memory. Now he needs a plastic surgery.

The police caught three of those who started the fight and they are still looking for the fourth one. Meanwhile, the Greek team, which by the way lost 1:4, might receive an amendment from the international authorities. This is because Greek fans showed unsporting behavior during the match in Athens.

The fans threw various objects into the Turkish goalkeeper and the referee. They also threw land pots on the football field. However, the Turkish fans did not think of standing aside, they hacked the official website of the football federation of Greece.

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