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Body Odor Ban for Zurich Municipal Employees


Officials of the city of Zurich, located in Switzerland, introduced a ban on overbearing body odor for municipal employees. The current ban is part of the harsh set of rules that focuses on the behavior and dress code introduced by the officials of Zurich. The list contains bans on strong perfume and plunging decolletage.

All municipal workers were given a document that includes a 4-page list of what is allowed and what is not for the "professional presentation" of workers.

The documents includes ban on employees with a bad breath. It also does not allow bringing too many personal belongings to the workplace, reports The Telegraph.

There are also sartorial restrictions that prohibit shirts with patterns, too much make-up or too extravagantly manicured nails. Too much stomach on display, gym shoes, disordered beards and short trousers are also not allowed. According to employees the rules were insulting. One of the workers said: "Everyone knows that you have to respect certain codes, but staff didn't appreciate being lumped together as if they all didn't take care of themselves".

According to the city officials there is no intention of sending in inspectors for dress code. "If necessary we will speak to the person concerned and set out the results of the discussion in a contract of aims," newspaper "Le Temps" was told.

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