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Book Mountain - Beautiful Pyramidal Library Under Glass Roof


Having the goal of reminding people about real, physical books, Rotterdam-based MVRDV decided to create this amazing public library called "Book Mountain" that is located in the center of Spijkenisse, Netherlands.

The library is now the home of over 70,000 books and there's still space for another 80,000.

The sun-filled structure really amazes with both its design and size, having a two miles shelving that guests can access using staircase that were wisely hidden in the centre of the construction.

A pyramid of bookshelves was erected under a glass-enclosed structure that boasts a total area of 9,300 square meters.

Before you reach the peak of the pyramid you will have to pass 480 meters. As soon as you get to the top a café with panoramic views is there to help you relax.

[MVRDV, via DesignBoom]

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