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Boy Pushed Girl Off a Bridge After She Refused to Give Him Her iPod


On Tuesday, August 19, Indian police arrested a schoolboy in eastern India on suspicion of killing a younger student because she did not want to give her iPod.

According to Swapan Banerjee, police officer in charge of the police station in Seuri, West Bengal, the 14-year-old boy pushed the girl off a 30-foot bridge. Then he approached her unconscious body and strangled the 10-year-old student. The police officer believes that the boy intentionally murdered the girl because she refused to give him her iPod.

It is worth mentioning that the economic boom in India made millions of people richer, but it also increased the gap between the rich and the poor.

"We were always worried about students bringing such gadgets to the school. We have issued several notices and given enough warnings asking them not to bring iPods and cell phones to class," said Tanmay Ghosh, the headmaster of the school where the two students attended their classes.

The boy was arrested when he tried to hide the girl's body in a bush. If he is convicted of murder, the student could spend up to 10 years in a juvenile detention center.

Indian police mentioned that the boy's family refused to give any comments.

Source: FOX News

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