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Boy Launches Website to Find Mum's Killers


Police managed to arrest two men suspected of murder after a teenager launched a website to find the murderers of his mother. The young man from Great Britain was five when two unknown men murdered his mother near their home, located in Parsons Cross, Sheffield.

Now 16, Daniel Grainger remembers very little about his mother. After launching an Internet hunt for the killers of his mother, two men have been arrested and accused of murder. His mother, Patricia, was sexually attacked, strangled and then stabbed when she was 25. Police found her body in a creek near her house under an old mattress.

It is believed that Daniel's website played an important role in finding the killers. The website, which was launched two months ago, featured background of the case and several family pictures. Over a two-month period the site was visited by 200,000 people.

On his website, Daniel asks visitors to provide any information they possess to police. There's also a clock that counts the days, hours, minutes and seconds since Daniel's mother was found dead.

In addition, the boy posted links to a number of newspaper articles that were published shortly after his mother's death and that are still being published on the case. On October 15, the police of South Yorkshire said that two men were being questioned on the case. The two suspects are aged 51 and 59.

"I'm pleased that there has been an important development in the investigation because nothing seems to have happened for the last 11 years," said the boy.

Currently the investigation is in its early stage and no additional details have been revealed.

Source: Daily Mail

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