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Boy, Aged 4, Shoots Baby Sitter


Police in southern Ohio informed that a boy aged four shot his babysitter because he unintentionally stepped on his foot. It was stated that before the accident Nathan Beavers, 18, together with other youngsters were baby-sitting several children who were living in a mobile home located in Jackson.

According to witnesses, the 4-year-olf boy took the shotgun, stored in a bedroom closet, and shot at the teenager. Police said that the boy became angry due to the fact that the teenager unintentionally stepped on his foot. The youngster was sent to hospital with slight pellet wounds to his arm and side, informs Associated Press.

The boy also injured another teenager with shotgun pellets, the police said. The case is being investigated by the state authorities. Jackson County Sheriff John Shashteen mentioned that the boy has not been charged.

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