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British Researcher Infects Himself with Computer Virus


A British researcher claims he managed to infect himself with a computer virus. According to Dr. Mark Gasson of the University of Reading, getting infected with a computer virus is not as odd as it might sound.

To infect himself, the researcher used an ID chip that is similar to those used to identify pets. Then he infected the chip with a particular computer virus and implanted the device into his hand.

Using the chip infected with a computer virus, the scientist can pass through security doors and use his cell phone. In addition, the computer virus manages to infect external control systems by creating a copy of itself and passing it to these systems when the chip is being read. Thus Dr. Gasson is able to pass through different security doors that get infected with the computer virus, reports Slash Gear.

At the same time Dr. Gasson admits that his trial is just a proof of concept. He says that his latest invention could be used in the medical field, for example to create implantable chips for medical monitoring.

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