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Monks Build Buddhist Temple Out of Beer Bottles


In northeast Thailand monks erected a Buddhist temple using more than a million recycled beer bottles. The construction is known as Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, or Wat Lan Kuad which is translated as "the Temple of a Million Bottles". It is located in Sisaket province close to the Cambodian border and 400 miles from the Thailand's capital Bangkok.

The monks started collected bottles back in 1984 and in more than 20 years they managed to gather so many bottles that they decided to make something useful out of them, and thus they used the bottles as a building material.

With their collection of bottles monks were able to construct a complex consisting of about 20 building. The complex includes the main temple built over a lake, crematorium, prayer rooms, hall, water tower, bathrooms for tourists and a number of small bungalows that serve as quarters for the monks, reports The Telegraph.

According to the monks of northeast Thailand, the bottles represent a good building material since they do not loose their color and offer a good lighting. In addition, these bottles are easy to clean. In order to strengthen the construction monks use concrete. Green bottles belong to Heineken and the brown ones are the Thai been called Chang.

The eco-friendliness of the monks is so big that they even created the mosaics of Buddha from recycled beer bottle caps. The main temple consists of about 1.5 million beer bottles. The monks encouraged government to bring them more empty bottles so they could make more buildings. It is worth mentioning that the temple made of beer bottles has been included in the list of eco-friendly attraction tours in southeast Asia.

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