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Cartier Fights Fake Watch Business


As estimated by the World Customs Organization, counterfeit products' annual sale, including fake watches, compact discs, sneakers and even medical supplies, reaches an amazing number of about $540 billion. Luxury goods make up five per cent of the total number.

At present day piracy affects all aspects of the luxury goods industry, with watches and jewelry being its major components. All luxury watchmaking companies have to deal with the problem of counterfeiting. Brand owners unite their efforts with retailers and authorities to fight wide spread fake watch business and minimize its negative effect.

Cartier is one of the brands facing the problem of the replica watch market. However, it is really hard to fake up Cartier watch and jewelry pieces and make them resemble the originals.

Professional watchmakers and jewelers put great expertise and skills into their creation, so original Cartier style and quality are easily recognizable. If you are not an expert in the area, development of a replica watch may seem to be an easy task. Still, Cartier style and savoir-faire are those features impossible to be copied even by experienced counterfeit jewelers and watchmakers.

A professional eye will easily distinguish the majority of Cartier fake watches, for they lack meticulous detailing and workmanship and are usually sold with no after-sales service or warranty. If you are well acquainted with Cartier's authentic designs, their harmonious lines and craftsmanship, you will immediately recognize it is a fake piece you are looking at. Cartier replica watches also deceive themselves by the colors and quality of materials that significantly differ from those used while creating original pieces.

The House of Cartier does not really suffer a loss of revenue because of replica watches. The brand's 'immunity' to counterfeiting is maintained through very strong ties with customers. Cartier worked out special strategies to build continuous relationships with every client in particular. Connoisseurs and owners of Cartier watches appreciate the brand's culture and history inherited by every collection and timepiece. If you own a Cartier creation, you value its sophistication and craftsmanship, the key elements not provided by counterfeit products.

Cartier actively fights counterfeiting in a number of countries. The company is trying to raise customers' awareness about fake products through different channels. Cartier joins forces with other luxury brands and media. The authorities also take strict measures in regard to counterfeiting. Cartier's management is quite optimistic about the matter and claims it has had a few successful experiences in fighting against fake watch business.

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