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Check Out Two Race Cars Driving Through Huge Loop-de-Loop


Before you continue reading check out the video below to see how Hot Wheels and X Games teamed up to drive two real race cars through a 60-foot double loop.

One of the cars was driven by 3-time X-game gold medalist Tanner Foust and the other one by 6-time Pikes Peak champ Greg Tracy. Despite the fact that the stunt looked rather easy, in reality everything is much more than just a dizzying stunt.

To keep the cars on track, the drivers have to control 3 forces: acceleration, gravity, and normal force (the force that is perpendicular to the plane of contact and in this case it's the loop).

According to their calculations, engineers found that the drivers have to maintain a speed between 48 and 52 mph in order not to break the contact between the tires and the track.

Before performing the stunt, each driver trained in a fighter plane. Thus they were able to accustom themselves to 7Gs of acceleration. Then they tuned the suspension of their vehicle, making it 3 inches higher than normal. They also inflated tires to 80 pounds per square inch (PSI).

After the successful stunt, both Foust and Tracy became Guinness World Records for simultaneously driving two vehicles through a 6-story double loop.

[via ESPN]

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