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Chinese Girl Tries to Commit Suicide to Save Her Father


A Chinese 13-year-old girl attempted to commit suicide to save her father, who was dying of liver cancer. Chen Jin decided to kill herself after finding in her mother's purse a medical report that said her father had liver cancer and that he had only three months to live.

"Mum, I'm sorry I couldn't stay with you any longer. Please give my liver to dad and save him after my death", Shanghai Daily quoted the girl's suicide note as saying.

Currently the girl is in a critical condition. After taking sleeping pills she was burned by an electric blanket, and then she lost consciousness. It is possible that Chen Jin may require extensive surgery if she stays alive.

The girl's mother Cui Lan, 43, said that when she returned home after visiting her husband in hospital on January 24, she discovered that the doors where blocked from the inside. When she broke in Cui found her unconscious daughter with a note lying next to her and an empty bottle of pills.

According to the newspaper, the girl was taken to the same hospital where her father was. The doctors said that she was in coma for three days. Chen Jin currently remains in intensive care and it was reported that she has been losing and regaining consciousness.

Shortly after the story was published in the local newspaper, the girl's father discovered what happened. A newspaper report said that the monthly income of the family is 1,000 yuan ($146), and that its members were already trying to cover the cost of cancer treatment, which is 100,000 yuan. Help came from hospital workers and friends who donated money for the treatment. In addition, one of the most popular Chinese portals,, published the bank details of Chen Jin's mother for those willing to help.

The 2007 government statistics show that about 1.5 million patients in China require organ transplants and only 10,000 are able to find organs.

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