Thursday, 24 Jul, 2008 Offbeat

Church Offers Free Fuel for New Worshippers


In order to attract more worshippers, representatives of a church in New Zealand came up with an original and practically efficient strategy. The church began providing fuel vouchers to newcomers.

Since the prices for fuel started rising, people from New Zealand started praying that the prices will come down with the unleaded fuel costs at nearly $2.20 per liter.

New worshippers at the Destiny Church, located in Nelson, will be provided a weekly prize - a $50 fuel voucher. It is worth mentioning that the competition has already been running for 6 weeks.

According to Pastor Martin Daly the Destiny Church has always offered fuel for the soul and not it wants to offer fuel for people's cars.

"A solo mum came along and claimed one of the vouchers, a seasonal worker from Vanuatu, he claimed one, a guy fresh out of prison," said Mr Daly.

The Pastor added that the church borrowed the idea from another church located in America.


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