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Cinematon is the Longest Movie Ever, Lasting 150 Hours


No longer will Titanic be considered the longest movie in the world. Recently it was reported that Cinematon is the new movie from France that lasts for 150 hours and which will hit the screens later this month.

The 6-days-movie will be premiered in Avignon and in January it will reach Paris. The movie has been filmed by Gerard Courant. The latter asked each actor and actress to spend exactly 3 minutes and 25 seconds in front of the camera doing whatever they please. In the end Courant created 150 hours of footage. His work is expected to enter the Book of Records alongside some other record breaking movies listed below:

The shortest film

The 1 Second Film which is a 70mm animated film created by Nirvan Mullick. The movie last exactly one second. It includes 12 huge paintings. Each painting was made by hundreds of people and filmed twice in order to fill the 24 frames.

The cheapest film

Marc Price created a movie spending only 45 pounds ($67). This year the film, entitled Colin, was presented at Cannes and it managed to impress the critics. Price made the movie while working full time as a courier.

The most expensive film

At World's End, which is the third part of the famous Pirates of the Caribbean film is considered to be the most expensive movie in history with a production budged reaching $300 million.

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