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Cloud 360 - Futuristic Observatory that Floats in the Sky


This amazing structure is located in Sungnam, South Korea. Cloud 360 was designed by Taehyung Lim, Kyeongmin Kim and Yunmi Kang, a team of specialists from Kyungam Architects, who thought about creating a building that would look as though it floats in the sky.

The construction serves as an observatory situated in Daewon Park. Two huge elevators take visitors up to the building where people can observe the surrounding environment.

It is worth mentioning that the observatory has a total floor area of 929.32 square meters. The exterior of the structure is covered with low e double glass, informs DesignBoom.

In addition, the building includes space for a restaurant, cafe, as well as a media center, all of which are located in the building's upper level.

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