Friday, 18 Jan, 2008 Offbeat

Couple Beheaded for Torturing Daughter to Death


A man and his wife were beheaded in Saudi Arabia for torturing his daughter. The couple killed the girl in order to take their revenge on man's ex-wife.

Ghosun, the mother of the 9 year old daughter, brought the case that was widely discussed in Saudi Arabia media. The woman said that she felt relief and she thought that justice had been served.

Ahmed Haji, a father of the girl took custody of his daughter after the divorce with her mother. He and his second wife were torturing, beating and then killed the daughter of his first wife in revenge. Both Haji and his second wife were found guilty and the scandalous case brought up the issues of child abuse to the public.

At first, many people considered that the government and Human Rights Commission did not take serious measures to punish the couple.

Later, the couple was beheaded publicly for the murder of the girl. The officials said that there were some people, who thought that father should not be punished for killing his own child.

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