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Couple Got Married Dressed Up as Shrek and Princess Fiona


It was a rather unusual wedding - the bride was all green and dressed up to look exactly like princess Fiona from the popular Shrek films and the groom resembled Shrek himself, dark green, tall and somewhat handsome.

The couple got married in their unusual costumes in front of 100 guests that came to the wedding in fancy clothes as well.

The 40-year-old Christine England and her fiance Keith, 44, are now Mr. and Mrs. Green, of Barnstaple, Devon. It took them 3 hours to get the make-up done.

"The idea just came to me. I knew what we would go as because Keith looks just like Shrek. It was funny because when we said our vows Keith had these green ears sprouting from the top of his head," said Christine.

Her husband is a builder and it seems that he doesn't mind looking like an ogre. "It was a very strange experience to say the least, but a thoroughly enjoyable one. We love the films and my wife tells me I bear a resemblance to Shrek," said Keith Green.

For a more accurate resemblance the couple hired a make-up artist, who made them look exactly like Fiona and Shrek.

"It's not necessarily how you imagine seeing your daughter get married but it was great fun," said the bride's mother Annette England, 66.

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