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Detailed Sand Copy of Windsor Castle for Her Majesty


The Queen recently visited a seaside where she admired a wonderful replica of Windsor Castle made of sand. Artist Mark Anderson made the incredible sand sculpture of the Queen's residence to highlight Her Majesty's first in 50 years visit to Weymouth, Dorset.

The sandcastle measures 9ft high by 140ft square. It is the exact copy of the real castle, with 20 turrets and 18 separate segments of the wall. The sandcastle was so accurate that Prince Philip was even able to show the room where he usually enjoys a cup of morning tea.

Mr. Anderson made the sandcastle using the royal plans of the building. His sculpture is modeled on a 40:1 scale. But he did not work along on the project, being helped by five men who required 300 hours and 1,500 pounds to make the castle using Weymouth beach sand and seawater. It is worth mentioning that the Queen visited the Weymouth beach during her tour around the resort.

The 43-year-old Mr. Anderson said: "Weymouth council asked us if we could do something for the Queen when she came down to visit and we got to work straight away. They even sent us the designs for Windsor Castle so we could make sure everything was right."

Being built especially for the Queen, the Windsor sandcastle was commissioned and paid for by Weymouth along with Portland Borough Council. "The sandcastle will now be on display for just one day before being bulldozed tomorrow in preparation for a military display on the beach this weekend," said Jackie Gisborne, from the council.

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