Friday, 27 Jul, 2007 Offbeat

Disney's Heroes Don't Smoke


The Walt Disney Company declared on Wednesday that all family movies, coming under "Touchstone" and "Miramax" trademarks, will not depict their action figures smoking.

In the future the movie-maker intends to place an anti-smoking warning ad on the cover of those movies, where it was not possible skipping the smoking scene. An independent movie-maker "Weinstein" has already accepted this strategy of avoiding smoking scenes in family movies.

Congressman Edward Markey was one of those politicians reviewing last month the influence of movie action figures on children. The conclusion of this comission that the impact is very big, thus the congressman suggested that all movie-making companies did the same as Walt Disney.

Research showed that in 90% of modern Hollywood creations action figures smoke and this has a harmful impact on children watching those movies.

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