Tuesday, 11 Sep, 2007 Offbeat

Doctor cut off the wrong side of woman's head


Japanese surgeon operated a woman on a blood tumor when he realized he opened the wrong side of her head - with no tumor.

As soon as the doctor didn't found any tumor on the right side he hastened to open the left side of the head and corrected the error. However, this mistake took one more hour for the operation to be completed.

Medical practice review board said that its is still unknown if this mistake affected woman's health condition somehow. The hospital officials had apologized to 80 year old woman and her family.

The woman came to the hospital after a stroke and computer tomography showed that it was a blood tumor. However, the surgeon was not accurate when checking the tomography tests and started an operation on the right side of the head where there was no tumor. The doctor soon understood it was his mistake and removed the tumor delaying the end of the operation by an hour. The woman stays at hospital for rehabilitation. Hospital staff said that it will work to never repeat such mistakes.

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