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Doctors Found Fly Larvae Inside Man's Skull


A patient, who lives in Colorado, was in pain and suffered from the bleeding bumps found on his head. The pain was caused by the moving bumps that made noises, making him think he was going crazy. Later doctors found fly larvae that parasitized Aaron Dallas's skull.

When doctors told the patient that his sufferings came from shingles, Dr. Kimball Spence was the one to discover five active bot fly larvae, which lived near the top of patient's skull. According to Associated Press the doctor presumes that the larvae have been placed by a mosquito.

The man tried to get rid of "bleeding bumps" on his head by using various creams and salves. After he found that his efforts are useless he asked for help. According to Mr. Dallas he probably became invested during his trip in Belize, Central America.

Dr. Kimball Spence mentioned that on Mr. Dallas' head there was an open pit and he was able to see some activity, which was not necessarily the larvae, it was a fluctuation of the fluid inside the pit.

Doctors were able to remove the parasites, living in the pit that had a width of 2mm to 3mm. Now Aaron Dallas' wife teases him about the ordeal.

"It's much funnier to everyone else, but it makes my stomach turn over. It was cruel." Mr. Dallas outlined.

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