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Documentary Shows Hardline Muslim Preachers Calling to Kill


In one of the most influential mosques in Great Britain, Regent's Park Mosque, women preachers were filmed calling for Muslims to kill gays and adulterers. One of the preachers at the London Central Mosque called to kill those who switched from Islam into another religion.

The orations that motivated a number of listeners to pursue a hardline Islamic code were filmed secretly by the members of the Channel 4 Dispatches program. Preachers warned Muslim listeners not to talk to people from other religions.

It is worth mentioning that the mosque represents one of the most appreciated centers for moderate Islam in western Europe. It is also one of the most popular interfaith departments visited each year by people of different religions along with British school children. But the documentary reveals the other side of the mosque.

One of the recordings showed hardline Muslim women saying that disbelievers are "evil, wicked, mischievous people...they do the most evil, filthy things." Another recoding showed a speaker saying in regard to the Jews: "Their time will come, like every other evil person's time will come."

According to Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan, general director of the mosque, Muslim women preachers did not have the permission to preach in Regent's Park Mosque. In addition, he said, they did not state the true views of the mosque.

Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan said that Regent's Park Mosque "is committed to interfaith and cross-cultural understanding. It does not support or condone extreme views, racial hatred, violence or intolerance."

The mosque is an affiliate of the Muslim Council of Britain, the representatives of which outlined the fact that some of the statements in the video are quite offensive. However, it would be very incorrect, and unfair, to smear the centre, the Muslim Council of Britain said.

Source: ThisIsLondon

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