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Dog Clone For Contest Winner


A California company has organized a special contest for dogs owners, having promised to present a free dog clone to the owner who best proves that his or her pet deserves immortality. A banner ad devoted to the contest, featured by the company on its web site, asks, 'What if you could be best friends again?'

Dog owners excited by the Golden Clone Giveaway project have to write a 500-word essay and submit it to the BioArts International Company.

According to BioArts Chief Executive Officer Lou Hawthorne, the company came up with the idea to give away a dog cloning after it was flooded with great number of letters after it had announced an auction to sell five dog clones for minimum bids of 100,000 dollars.

The letters were written by passionate dog owners deeply disappointed that they could not afford to take part in the auction held on June 18 for five commercial dog cloning slots, to be sold to the highest bidders.

The e-mails received by the company narrate about some very special dogs, many of whom will soon have to face the end of their noteworthy lives.

The company promises a dog clone to a family that writes the most impressive essay about the most 'clone-worthy' dog in the world.

Cloning work will be performed in South Korea, using the techniques developed by Dr. Woo Suk Hwang, who successfully cloned his first dog, named Snuppy, in 2006. Cloned dogs are given a 'one-year-guarantee'.

BioArts has received a license from Start Licensing Inc. for somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning techniques elaborated by the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, where famous Dolly the sheep was cloned.

In future, the company will concentrate its activity on developing techniques used with farm animals to produce build-to-order premium cattle and horse embryos for both Chinese agricultural businesses and the global export market.

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