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eBay - Ground for Weirdest Lots


During the years of its existence, the Internet auction eBay has become not only a way to earn money for thousands of on-line stores, but also a place where one can always find something interesting, absolutely useless or weird to buy.

Not only simple Internet users have a chance to convince themselves of this fact. Yves Leterme, the Prime Minister of Belgium, had a chance to find the following lot on the eBay: "unused Prime Minister". The lot contained a photo of him wearing a business suit and digging the earth with an industrial tool. This was a joke of one of his team's members. Leterme was elected in June but he never managed to build up the Government since then.

One can sell a thing, belonging to someone else just as easy as selling a little stone presenting it as a piece of the legendary Tungus meteor. Since the stone has been attributed the status of extra-valuable, the seller claimed $2.4 million for it, motivating it by the fact that it was extremely difficult to secretly cross the USSR border with it.

A holy image on a pancakeAnother weird lot came from Dana O'Kane, whose mother made a pan-cake which had a 'holy pattern' burnt on it. They saw either Jesus Christ with Mary or Moses, the two women couldn't agree on the picture their pan-cake had. Nevertheless Dana thought she could raise some money for her church by selling the pan-cake on the eBay. However the lot didn’t have much popularity on the site. The record holder among food with a 'holy image' was a sandwich that had a bite pattern resembling the face of Mary. It was sold for $28 thousand in 2004.

Another interesting lot was a chestnut, though not a simple one. Charles Kuijper, a 34-year old man, decided to sell a chestnut from the famous Anne Frank’s chestnut tree growing in Amsterdam. The price for this seed of the tree, which hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis during the World War II, has already reached $700.

Sometimes even rich people and companies sell strange things on eBay, however they know what to do best with the money raised. For example the Red Bull Formula-1 team decided to sell two of its racing cars with unusual coloring on eBay. The team plans to donate the money raised to the fund researching ways to cure spinal cord injuries. This is, actually, the second time, when the Red Bull team collects money for this cause. The first time it was the charity project "Faces for Charity", where anyone could donate 30 pounds and upload a photo on the Red Bull web-page. The photos then adorned the cars of David Coulthard and Mark Webber on the Silverstone 2007 Grand Prix. The team raised over a million dollars on this project for finding a cure against spinal injuries.

Be aware of what you buy and sell on eBay!

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