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Eight Year Old Boy Passes Law School Exam


An eight-year-old boy from Brazil, following his dream of becoming a judge, managed to pass a law school entrance test. However, he was not admitted to the university, as he had not graduated from high school.

Joao Victor Portellinha de Oliveira, the 8-year-old boy was initially enrolled in the Universidade Paulista, a private university but was refused to enter the classes when he appeared with his father on Thursday.

The university explained that the boy was accepted by mistake and he should graduate from high school before he can be accepted in the university, returning the fees to his parents.

"He is a regular boy," his mother Maristela told the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. "He is very dedicated, likes to read and study, but he has fun and makes friends."

The boy's intellectual development is two grade levels ahead of his age, but he looks like a common child. Oliveira's mother said that the university could have at least allowed him to visit college facilities.

After passing the law school entrance test, Oliveira's performance was considered good, taking into account his age and knowledge. The school said that the boy possesses excellent language skills and can easily express his opinion.

This case prompted a federal investigation as Brazilian Bar Association was concerned about the standards and level of education in the country's law schools.

The boy said that he dreamed of becoming a federal judge, he easily passed the test and it took him just a week to prepare for it.

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