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Electroshock Doesn't Help Chinese Who Suffer from Internet Addiction


According to the Chinese Health Ministry, people who were found to be addicted to Internet should stop undergoing electroshock therapy due to one simple reason - it doesn't work.

It is worth mentioning that about 3,000 youngsters received the electroconvulsive therapy at Linyi Mental Health Hospital. The information comes from resident psychiatrist Yang Yongxin who was interviewed by China Youth Daily.

The Linyi Mental Health Hospital is located in eastern Shandong. It has a special web-rehab program that lasts four months and those who want to undergo the therapy should pay a monthly fee of 5500 yuan ($1025) -the payment includes medicine and counseling.

The Associated Press reports that the hospital stopped its electroshock therapy after the recommendations of the health ministry, which stated that there is no clinical proof of the fact that ECT (which is usually used to treat severe depression) has any positive effect on Internet addiction.

According to Chinese psychologists, users who are believed to be addicted to the Internet, spending more than 6 hours a day playing online games or watching porn can become irritated if kept offline.

The China National People's Congress said that about 10 percent of Chinese youth under 18 are Internet addicts. Up till now Internet addiction has not been described as a clinical condition.

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