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Energizer Bunny Expected to Fetch $20,000 at a Beverly Hills Auction


Energizer batteries became popular worldwide thanks to the bunnies the company used in its commercials. Recently it was unveiled that one of these original bunnies is to be auctioned at a Dallas auction house.

The starting bid of this particular Energizer Bunny will be $10,000 and the organizers of the Signature Entertainment Auction are expecting the 25-inch drum-banging toy to fetch not less than $20,000.

It would be interesting to note that the company used these toy bunnies in commercials till 2000. Representatives of the Heritage Auction Galleries say that the consignor is a "well-known Los Angeles collector." According to the anonymous consignor, seeing the toy was like observing a cartoon character come to life.

Allard and All Effects is the company that came up with the four bunnies. The C bunny (in the picture) was nicknamed Clint. The bunnies called A and B did not appear in the commercials due to the fact that they had impractical wheels, which is why C and D received star billing. Today the Energizer commercials feature animated bunnies.

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