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English Man Began Speaking With Irish Accent After Surgical Operation On His Brain

A man from the English Yorkshire began speaking with an Irish accent after he having a surgical operation on his brain.

The 30-years-old Chris Gregory shocked all the members of his family, greeting them by singing the Irish ballad "Danny Boy" in his hospital ward after the operation.

As witnesses of the events told the journalists, Gregory continued speaking with a marked Irish accent during a period of 30 minutes, until his usual way of speaking haven't returned to him. According to the members of his family, Gregory has never been in Ireland and doesn't even have any relatives there. His wife told the media that "the medical assistants were trying their best not to laugh, but it was impossible", since her husband really looked as if he was insane. Still, she was very glad that the operation was successful.

Doctors think that Gregory's behaviour after the operation can be explained by the so-called "Foreign Accent Syndrome", very rarely met.

This unusual phenomenon was first registered during the Second World War in some patients who had received traumas of the brain.

The last case of this kind occured in 2006, when a woman from Newcastle, after a brain trauma began speaking with a Jamaican accent.

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