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F--king Told W--k to Cash In on the Town's Fame


People living in the Austrian town F**king are frustrated about the fact that English-speaking tourists and journalists visiting the town always joke about the name and write funny articles. The town's German neighbors from W**k decided to help with a good advice.

According to Juergen Stoll, who manages the W**k guest house, people living in F**king should consider making a profit on their town's fame. He says that W**k has so many visitors that a lot of them sleep on mattresses settled in a big room in line so people could fit in.

"If the name helps to bring the tourists in, then why not cash in on it? In these credit crunch times every little helps," said Mr Stoll.

During summer tourists may consider taking hikes up the W**k Mountain, which is 1,780 meters high or relax in the four seater W**k cable car that goes all the way up to the peak of the mountain. In winter tourist can go skiing. There are a lot of opportunities to cash in on the town's popularity.

At first the local tourist chiefs did not pay any attention to the town's name because it meant nothing in German. However, when they noticed an increasing number of English-speaking tourists visiting the city, the discovered that W**k is, in fact, a goldmine. More offbeat news you can find here at - check the links at the bottom of the story.

The spokesman for W**k tourism said: "There are W**k postcards on sale although many people prefer to take their own W**k holiday snaps standing beside Welcome to W**k signs." Recently F**king came up with the idea of installing CCTV to get rid of tourists' vulgar behavior towards the town's roadsigns.

"We don't find it funny. We just want to be left alone. We don't harm anyone and just want to live in peace," outlined the mayor of F***ing, Franz Meindl.

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