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Facebook Users Dumped their Online Friends for a Hamburger


Facebook forced Burger King to stop its promotion campaign that encouraged users of the social networking website to sacrifice 10 friends for a Whopper from Burger King.

Before Burger King dropped its Whopper Sacrifice Campaign, it managed to persuade people to drop 233,906 friends on the social network service. It seems that several greedy users were more enthusiastic about the specialty-hamburgers from the popular fast-food chain.

"While Facebook was a great sport, they did ask for changes that would have resulted in a different approach to our application," said a spokesperson for the global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. He added that Burger King decided to conclude its application due to philosophical differences.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook users, who installed the Burger King application, were later given a Whopper for every 10 friends removed from their list. Facebook wanted to make something about Burger King's campaign, and thus it included a dumping the application feature which it sent to the deleted friends saying that their online friends preferred hamburgers over them.

"We encourage creativity from developers and companies using Facebook Platform, but we also must ensure that applications meet users' expectations," said a spokesperson for Facebook. He added that Burger Kind decided to drop its campaign after the conversations Facebook had with the developer of the application.

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