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Faith In God Protects From Stress And Anxiety


Psychologists of a Canadian university made a research, during which they established that faith in God helps to get rid of anxiety and lower the level of stress. Scientists from the University of Toronto identified the differences of brain's activity in people who believe in God and in those who don't.

People who believe, and not only the ones who regularly visit church, feel less uncertain, rarely suffer from nervous disturbances and worry less about failures in their life – all of this thanks to "specific" functions of the brain.

These results remained stable also after observing personality traits and cognitive abilities. Psychologists are sure that religious convictions have a calming influence on nerves. However, experts add that anxiety also has positive effect - it is sometimes useful for our mind.

According to scientists, excessive anxiety obviously has negative consequences for psychic health, but in the same time it is a signal of certain mistakes one makes. If a person doesn't feel anxious at all, then they won't tend to improve their behaviour and it's most probable that the person will cope with the same difficulties and mistakes in their life again and again.

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