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Fake Nature of a Rolex is Hidden in Details


Pre-owned Rolex watches have always enjoyed great demand. However, many customers are aware that Rolex is the most copied brand in the fake watch business. So, they are afraid to stumble upon the problem of identifying a real Rolex from its replica.

Rolex experts reveal useful tips how to avoid acquiring a fake Rolex watch. The major attention should be given to minor details never noticed by an unexperienced person - that's the secret of a successful buyer.

Five 'No-s':
  1. No see-through case backs: Rolex has never produced timepieces with a transparent case back that gives a chance to view the inner life of a watch. If you see a Rolex with a see-though case back, be careful - it's a replica.
  2. No skeleton dials: Only fake Rolex watches feature skeleton dials displaying the moving inner mechanisms of a timepiece. Even if you'd like to have a Rolex with a skeleton dial, it is possible only in case of a fake watch.
  3. No rubber parts: Authentic Rolex watches do no include even minor parts made of rubber. It is equally true about their cases and bands.
  4. No gold-plated watches: You will not find an authentic gold-plated Rolex timepiece. The brand's timekeepers are developed in 14 or 18K gold.
  5. No Chinese-made Rolex: Although Rolex is a Swiss watchmaking company, you will find authentic timepieces of the brand produced in other countries, for example, the USA, Italy, Venezuela and Mexico. However, a Chinese Rolex is no doubt a replica watch.
Important Peculiarities:
  • Rolex produces its Oyster Perpetual models in platinum, gold and stainless steel, but never chrome or chrome-plate. All the Oyster Perpetual watches are provided with screwed case backs.
  • Rolex President models have 18k yellow or white gold or platinum cases. Only fake watches have cases produced from stainless steel or two-tone stainless steel and gold.
  • Very few Rolex watches are powered by a quartz movement. Ten percent of the Oyster Perpetual models make up the exception. As for the other ninety percent, they are equipped with automatic movement of the brand.
  • Day and date indications are featured only by full-size Rolex watches for men.
General Tips:
  • Smart customers should avoid buying a timepiece from street vendors.
  • Buying a pre-owned Rolex watch through Internet dealers also implies some risk. Still, if an on-line dealer provides the customers with an opportunity to visit his store and examine the timepiece given a warranty, the interested customers may try out their luck.
  • It is better not to buy a Rolex watch in the Far East or Turkey. There are really few, if any authentic Rolex timepieces, offered by the stores in these regions.
  • While buying a watch, it is preferable to pay by credit card, not by cash or check. In this case you will be able to return the purchase if you have strong reasons to consider it is a fake.

Sometimes it's difficult to resist the temptation of buying a replica of your favorite brand. Many customers still have their doubts whether it is reasonable to 'overpay' for a branded watch when at their disposal there is a wide range of counterfeit timepieces that look just the same as the original. Yet, serious-minded customers consider all 'pro' and 'contra' and make up their mind not to follow the way of self-deception and reject the idea of buying a replica watch.

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