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Fake Nature of a Rolex is Hidden in Details


Pre-owned Rolex watches have always enjoyed great demand. However, many customers are aware that Rolex is the most copied brand in the fake watch business. So, they are afraid to stumble upon the problem of identifying a real Rolex from its replica.

Rolex experts reveal useful tips how to avoid acquiring a fake Rolex watch. The major attention should be given to minor details never noticed by an unexperienced person - that's the secret of a successful buyer.

Five 'No-s':
  1. No see-through case backs: Rolex has never produced timepieces with a transparent case back that gives a chance to view the inner life of a watch. If you see a Rolex with a see-though case back, be careful - it's a replica.
  2. No skeleton dials: Only fake Rolex watches feature skeleton dials displaying the moving inner mechanisms of a timepiece. Even if you'd like to have a Rolex with a skeleton dial, it is possible only in case of a fake watch.
  3. No rubber parts: Authentic Rolex watches do no include even minor parts made of rubber. It is equally true about their cases and bands.
  4. No gold-plated watches: You will not find an authentic gold-plated Rolex timepiece. The brand's timekeepers are developed in 14 or 18K gold.
  5. No Chinese-made Rolex: Although Rolex is a Swiss watchmaking company, you will find authentic timepieces of the brand produced in other countries, for example, the USA, Italy, Venezuela and Mexico. However, a Chinese Rolex is no doubt a replica watch.
Important Peculiarities:
  • Rolex produces its Oyster Perpetual models in platinum, gold and stainless steel, but never chrome or chrome-plate. All the Oyster Perpetual watches are provided with screwed case backs.
  • Rolex President models have 18k yellow or white gold or platinum cases. Only fake watches have cases produced from stainless steel or two-tone stainless steel and gold.
  • Very few Rolex watches are powered by a quartz movement. Ten percent of the Oyster Perpetual models make up the exception. As for the other ninety percent, they are equipped with automatic movement of the brand.
  • Day and date indications are featured only by full-size Rolex watches for men.
General Tips:
  • Smart customers should avoid buying a timepiece from street vendors.
  • Buying a pre-owned Rolex watch through Internet dealers also implies some risk. Still, if an on-line dealer provides the customers with an opportunity to visit his store and examine the timepiece given a warranty, the interested customers may try out their luck.
  • It is better not to buy a Rolex watch in the Far East or Turkey. There are really few, if any authentic Rolex timepieces, offered by the stores in these regions.
  • While buying a watch, it is preferable to pay by credit card, not by cash or check. In this case you will be able to return the purchase if you have strong reasons to consider it is a fake.

Sometimes it's difficult to resist the temptation of buying a replica of your favorite brand. Many customers still have their doubts whether it is reasonable to 'overpay' for a branded watch when at their disposal there is a wide range of counterfeit timepieces that look just the same as the original. Yet, serious-minded customers consider all 'pro' and 'contra' and make up their mind not to follow the way of self-deception and reject the idea of buying a replica watch.

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//70 Dec 27, 2010 11:43 AM | posted by: Jake
//46, you sound like a little spoiled brat little Timmy, gee so you had to tell us you have two real Rolex's. Gee Timmy can I ride your new bicycle and were your real Rolex. I believe a lot of us have real Rolex's little spoiled Timmy, but I'm not a judgmental jerk moron that your mommy starched your underwear. Your a pathetic looser because you have to make it a point your better than the rest of the world that can't afford a real Rolex. Little spoiled Timmy, did you know that people that have more money than you will wear a fake Rolex to certain evens just in case they happen to get robber. Sounds like your mother hasn't finished breast feeding you, you Moron!
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//69 Apr 15, 2010 07:48 AM | posted by: sell your rolex
Owning a Rolex is like the ultimate status symbol, for rolex watches come at a very steep price, usually outside the income levels of many people. Rolexes come with an air of extravagance and class that very few luxuries offer. Purchasing a Rolex is like buying a piece of history. Rolex watches are always in high demand. will help you sell Rolex fast, safe, and for a price that will make you happy.
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//68 Mar 14, 2010 05:53 PM | posted by: Captain Blood
".....RICH things come in SMALL PACKAGES..." !!!! What, like a super yacht? A Ferrari Testarossa, a Lear Jet???
T.A. you are a complete and utter BALLOON.

Ooohh, oohh, remember "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" ha ha ha ha ha.
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//67 Feb 09, 2010 12:18 AM | posted by: trebor U.K
Whatever motivation exists for buying a Fake ROLEX, there is ample evidence to show that the proceeds of the sale will filter back to Organised crime and International Terrorism. Good to know when you are trying to pass it off as the real thing.
52 votes

//66 Nov 04, 2009 03:22 AM | posted by: Joe B.
I have learned a lot about Rolex watches real and replica. Well now in this day and age I have found Rolex replicas that can not be told apart from the real Rolex unless you take the back off and after you do that you will find the same movement used in Authentic Rolex Tudor watches and that is a Swiss made 2836 2836-2 Swiss ETA movement. You can find that movement in some Rolex Tudor watches, there are also other Swiss ETA movements used in Rolex Tudor watches you will also find in Replica Rolex watches. Today if you look the best replica with be made out of 316l SS, have all the exact stampings and markings as the real Rolex's, replicas use the same saphire crystal, correct 3-D sticker with correct numbers on back of replica, and everything I did not mention they, the replicas have. So to all you people that do not actually know all these FACTS keep buying Tudor's and any all 316l stainless steel Rolex's I will get the same all 316L stainless steel with the same Rolex Tudor movement for $250.00 lifetime warranty. I have worked with this dealer for over13 years not one of my watches have ever broke and I get to send them in for free maintenance/lubrication all done no cost while Tudor and Rolex watches are charged anywhere between $100.00 to $500.00. I also own a authentic Rolex air king and it does not work as well as my Replicas, he cleans my air king for free for me as well.
57 votes

//65 Oct 28, 2009 11:50 PM | posted by: Bill
I have a Replica Rolex Submariner, the only ways to spot this as a fake is the the date is not magnified as much as the real thing, and the bezel on a genuine has 120 clicks to make complete circle, this one has 60, and it has the see thru crystal back, the watch is a really nice fake. Has every marking in the perfect spot. I would like to sell it though, just cant find anywhere that will let me.The fun is over, I couldn't resist telling everyone its a fake, now it just sits.
54 votes

//64 Jul 16, 2009 05:05 PM | posted by: Rick
When I saw the comment that Rolex did not make any Gold plated watches, I was shocked. Not too many people know that they did indeed. My father recently gave me his Rolex which was purchased in 1979. It is gold plated and is absolutely real! Someone else commented that real rolexes backs were always 3 point wrench removals! WRONG!! Mine is inface knurled all the way around. People really need to do their homework before spouting off that they know something when they are in fact incorrect.
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//63 Jun 30, 2009 10:36 AM | posted by: mcorp
wow.. so much bashing. Anyway, does anyone have any info about Rolex bracelet with a Made in Japan stamp?
Has Rolex ever stamped this?

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//62 Feb 20, 2009 05:47 PM | posted by: Neil
Funny how people who cant afford a genuine Rolex are the ones who buy a fake, then spend most of their time having a go at people with real ones. I am the proud owner of a genuine 18k day date that I saved up to buy over a good few years. It is now 14 years old and still looks as new . I have just bought the wife an 18k date midsize fitted with a president band again after saving for it and she is really pleased. When we go out people do notice the watches and the first question is always "Is it Real" People who dont ask know, people who ask are the wanabe fake wearers. Some people like cars, some shoes which is the way the world works but it seems that a Rolex is the only thing that creates ultimate envy.
My dad always said if you want something save until you can afford to buy it which is the best advice for anyone. Now days it seems that the advice most people listen too is, buy it and worry about paying for it later.
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//61 Feb 19, 2009 02:47 AM | posted by: cheap
i dont know why you people invested so much money on such a simple device. my casio is less than $20 but pretty much ok, can display correct time, not too ugly...

i rather buy a lot of cheap watches like this, than buying one which would cost me a bomb
57 votes

//60 Jan 29, 2009 03:04 AM | posted by: jdmac
HAHA and to the morons who think they know when they don't know-
one of the rarest Rolex known to man was an 18kt Gold Rolex Day/Date QUARTZ!!! Check youself before you Reply.
58 votes

//59 Jan 24, 2009 12:26 PM | posted by: Smarter Than U
I am very amused by you mocking someone buying their "knock off" Rolex. HELLO... at least they earned the money for their own knock off... With out some one else's money u wouldn't even have a pot to shit in, let alone a really expensive watch u did nothing to earn.. other than deal with a moron as a partner...who is if nothing, at least educated --- LMFAO, funny how the "smartest" people are actually the most ignorant... LOL!!!
58 votes

//58 Nov 23, 2008 10:00 PM | posted by: QT
I bought a fake Rolex today in Malaysia, girlfriend was telling me not to buy it but i was hypnotised and kept thinking it was genuine and that it was only a used item thats why its so cheap. Only if i read this article any earlier! Paid over $100 but the thought if it as fake is a turn off :-(
51 votes

//57 Sep 30, 2008 06:24 AM | posted by: chicagobill
I would love to have a rolex someday, but when it comes to watches these days, I feel the best brand for the money is Nixon. Great style and design, and they are tough as nails. I own 4 different ones ranging from the Roadie (a leather band everyday) to the new swiss made Ceramic Player and they are really great watches. Worth the money for the looks and durability. Check it out...
63 votes

//56 Aug 05, 2008 10:10 PM | posted by: gerrit vermeulen
I have a 1978 rolex oysterquartz. style R671933. it is for sale. SS and Gold. new battery, and calibrated. gerrit29 @
57 votes

//55 Jul 22, 2008 05:48 PM | posted by: Unknown
I was also told that a real Rolex will have a smooth second hand movement. Faux Rolexes will "tick".
56 votes

//54 Jul 20, 2008 08:58 AM | posted by: J. J. Smidt
I don't think it matters what type of watch you wear. I consider myself financially successful. I own a large estate and have several very fine automobiles. I wear a Casio G-Shock World Timer and am very satisfied with it. I think it cost around 60 USD. Don't think a watch makes the man.
59 votes

//53 Jul 07, 2008 01:38 PM | posted by: Jeff
I have original Day/Date Rolex, and it's a masterpiece. Bought it 10 years ago, and stil works perfectly. Also I have original IWC Cousteau Divers, TAG Heyer Carrera, and Omega Moonphase 1951 Collection, my most loved watches. My first fake Rolex I bought in Guangzhou in 2001, and it was a total crap. Bought it jus for fun. Few years later I came to GZ again, and visited same shop on Beijing Street, bought few fakes for my friend, who collect it. One was a Rolex, and it was quite well made. Can't compare with crap I bought in 2001. This year I was in GZ again, and had opportunity to visit the factory, where all these fakes are made. I should say- it's very impressive. They showed me new Asian copy of Valjoux 7750, 25 jewels, 28,800 bph, power reserve around 42 hours, all engravings and stamps in proper places and well made. I bought a few fakes right there, and should say- it's fantastic progress compare to 2001. I bought HUBLOT Big Bang there, with that Asian Valjoux 7750 movement, brought it to my watch specialist in Los Angeles, and he said - only very good specialist can detect that it's a fake. I paid $260 for it. I don't think I'll ever wear it, I have few original watches, but these replicas are very beautiful, runs great, and the street price is 380 yuan, it's around $52. Most websites sell it for $120-$200.
57 votes

//52 Jun 28, 2008 05:49 PM | posted by: jack
I have three rolex watches, 1 is a day-date obviously fake, 1 is an oyster perpetual not as easy as the first to be recognized as a fake but is, the third has just been acquired I find it hard to tell. It is a "yacht master" on the back of the first two is a wide assortment of stamps, on the new one is what appears to be an engraving, I believe Rolex watch backs were always plain so this could be something added afterward. Someone advise me as to how to tell if this is a fake or not. The first two have, before and after "swiss made", what looks like a letter T, the third and newest one does not. There is nothing about the third one that easiliy indentifies it as fake.
55 votes

//51 Jun 23, 2008 11:34 AM | posted by: Arthur F
I own over 300 watches - mostly complete crap - and I love them all. For those who like fake Rolexes, may I suggest an alternative - my battered and scratched Asian quartz diver, worth about the cost of the battery, but a favorite. My Tudor Prince Oysterdate is real and almost forty years old. It has recently been sealed, so I wear it in the water. It is steel, and as about as anonymous as these things get.

Do we remember when Rolex Oysters were sport watches, and got wet and banged on things?

My two most valuable-looking things are a fake gold $80 chronograph thing bought in Asia and still going, and my much-loved Y182 Pulsar - 100m water-resistant, and looking like a pretentious yuppy's wet dream. This watch makes me laugh - such an orgy of flashiness, yet I wear it to mow the lawn or have clumsy adventures.

Other watches to annoy the social climber include the waving chairman Mao watch, the muted-looking Hadley Rolex, the only Casio with a battery, a truly hideous-looking Seiko weekdater, or the Ugly Watch. This last is a Swiss triumph, ancient, with alarm; running well. Truly horrible styling.

To conclude - fakes depress me. Showing off to other sad wankers is a pointless thing. If you like watches, indulge if you can afford it. Perhaps you might buy a Real Chinese watch, like the Seagull chronograph - worth a bucket of fakes on interest alone. If you don't like watches, just wear whatever.

62 votes

//50 Jun 22, 2008 09:06 PM | posted by: hammy
my granfather gave me a 1999 oyster day and date
don't know if it's fake and don't care :-)
63 votes

//49 Jun 06, 2008 12:52 AM | posted by: chrrris [InfoKID]
Also: Real Rolex has a six-point case back that must be opened with a three-point wrench. Fakes often have a knurled screw-on back, or a snap-off back. I used to work at a watch shop, where I got to handle real Rolexes (Rolices?)
60 votes

//48 Jun 03, 2008 10:27 AM | posted by: T.A.
Please people when you buy a rolex(real or fake) you are merely buying an archaic status symbol. Which either way is pathetic. I aswell have a rolex but not because I was stupid enough to buy it but because a friend of mine who was purchasing another gave it to me as a gift of friendship, and that is the only reason I still own it and havn't sold it to other simple minded materialistic individuals. I only even wear it when I am around the friend who gave it to me.

Otherwise I wear my Titanium Fossil watch which is far more durable than any other watch I have owned. I have worn it every where including down rapids and have had it slammed into rocks and it still keeps perfect time. Although it will never get a second glance at any high society function, it will always be preferred by me.

Here's something to keep in mind for those who are ready for their own status symbol purchase(real or fake). RICH things come with SMALL PACKAGES!!!
55 votes

//47 Jun 01, 2008 04:32 PM | posted by: Jim
its all about priorities, and i am broke. so a $100 fake isnt too bad compared to a $5K gen. im not sure how one could justify spending that on a watch, and if youre answer is for investment , well then you dont really like watches in the first palce, go play the stock market. unfortunately the world we live in is a very fickle and ego centric place, it IS wht others think of you. The look and feel for a fraction of the price of a gen a $100 ETA rep isnt a bad alternative, but if youve got money blow then send this loser here a bit of it so i can buy a gen and not 'devalue' the brand, then we're both happy. until then ill just try to fit in, and be happy knowing my $5K was better spent on soemthing practical while i still have something to show on my wrist. the real lame morons are the ones who look down on the people that dont have the all mighty rolex strapped to their wrist. does your $15K gold president say 'i love you' at night? its just a material thing, and in the end we'll both end up the same.
59 votes

//46 May 31, 2008 10:07 PM | posted by: tod meuir
First off I find that nearly the whole of the responses from you lame morons that try to justify your ownership of a fake "Rolex" as laughable at best! What a bunch of lame,broke,fake losers on here that have the gall to condemn those of whom have real Rolex watches yet you are the ones in such lame attempt to imitate those of us successful enough to own a REAL ROLEX. I own both a solid gold President and a most beautiful example of Rolex Tudor Date with mother of pearl face and diamond accents. Why be a fake? Become successful and buy a real one like those of us that do have real ones.
64 votes

//45 May 31, 2008 06:44 AM | posted by: oldempirellc [InfoTOT]
Rolex DID make some goldplated watches (I am holding a model 6332 with a 40 micron gold plated case) - THEY ARE VERY VERY RARE!!! Rolex made some gold SHELL cases (SS with a gold shell over it) upto the 80s. HOWEVER, for a 'beginner' the generic rules still apply - the 5 NO's are the best way to stay away from a fake Rolex.
47 votes

//44 May 23, 2008 03:17 AM | posted by: jmk
none r powered by quartze
56 votes

//43 May 22, 2008 12:16 AM | posted by: Jock
I have a fake rolex that I bought in Pattaya, Thailand years ago, cost about Ј20, I also have a genuine rolex day-date' 2004 both are kept on a watch winder and they both keep almost exactly the same time accurately.

I wear either when I feel like it, they are both good timekeepers, I tell people that the genuine one is a fake and they do not know any different.

So fake or real, it hardly matters, so long as you like the watch.

Also for people who ask about a quartz Rolex, Rolex made the Oysterquartz a few years ago.
59 votes

//42 May 19, 2008 02:35 AM | posted by: Heather McIntosh
i have a watch that says it is a rolex standard and on the band there is a code that reads 826985 PAT. I was wondering if this is a real rolex and what the code means
70 votes

//41 May 15, 2008 12:36 AM | posted by: Debbie
Can anyone tell me how to find out if the watch I've recently purchased is real or not. It says Rolex Geneve at the top with a crown over Rolex near the 6 it says Japan Works (I think it's sooooo tiny). Someone told me proof it was a fake was the Japan but I found out otherwise doing a google search. It has Quratz on there too.

Thanks for any input.
46 votes

//40 May 06, 2008 06:31 PM | posted by: Unknown
i am in Korea right now and i just bought my FOLEX. looks good, has all the emblems and sweeps perfect. i am having another one hand made. i was on the net and found my model number and all 16523 balck face U series. I would like to have a real one someday and will work hard to get one. but for now this has to do. i truly like it and it is true that some of the hand made replica watches are really good. $120. for those who own real ones kudos to you but for those of us who have to continue to climb up the mountain to get the treasure piece keep going. like i said this is the best i can do for now and the real deal is that i am happy with it and it really doesnt matter who else is or not. later
61 votes

//39 Apr 18, 2008 09:03 AM | posted by: Eric
I agree with a previous poster. I would rather have a real Timex than a fake Rolex. I do have four genuine Rolexes I bought new on a SSgt's pay. My two-tone Submariner is 6 years old now and worn almost daily (I do have other watches I wear once in a while.) It is indestiguishable from new. I crawl around aircraft at work all day. I only take it off if I have to put my arm in a hole. The only difference between it and a new one is the minor enhancements on newer Subs (crown on crystal, no holes in case lugs and serial number in inside of bezel). I have also owned fakes. I had three Rolexes stolen from my apartment in 1999 and the burglars didn't even touch the fake Submariner I left on the coffee table as bait. My sub is my most expensive Rolex, but is my third most expensive watch. My Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Jumbo cost twice as much and it's stainless steel. Oh, I do have several Seikos and a few Casios on the low end. I even have Timexes. I have a TX by Timex that is finished WAY better than any fake Rolex I have seen or owned. Before anybody replies, I do have a supposed "Grade 1" fake Rolex that I bought for burglar bait. I never wore it, but it looks older each time I take it out of the box to wind it. It was supposed to have real gold in the band and bezel, but the gold is changing color. It's not even being exposed to the air and it's deteriorating. I can't imagine how long it would last on my wrist. Don't buy a Rolex to impress people, buy it because you like it. You can buy a $100.00 Seiko that looks like a Rolex clone if you want to impress people. They look as much like a real Rolex as most fakes + they are a genuine Seiko. Or, buy an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. They resemble a Rolex Datejust for less money. I have a beautiful one. It has a sapphire back and a nicely decorated movement. BTW, Rolex stopped making the Oysterquartz a few years ago. It was available in a date and day-date model, in stainless, two-tone and solid gold. I wanted to buy one new to add to my collection, but will have to buy used. Rolex did make some gold-plated Air-King Precision models, but stopped producing them some time ago. All Rolex branded watches are made in Switzerland. Some Tudors may be produced elsewhere, but I highly doubt it. Certain Rolex dial and hand combinations may be produced for different markets, but they are all made in Switzerland. That may or may not hold true for vintage Rolexes. Having said that, I would be very suspicious of any "Rolex" produced outside Switzerland after Hans Wisdorf moved operations from England to Switzerland.
56 votes

//38 Apr 15, 2008 06:50 AM | posted by: the time keeper
what a bunch of sad peps who cares if u want fake the buy fake if u want real then buy real if u buy fake and it turns out real the bonus if u buy real and it turns out fake then.... SCREWIN HA HA HA I PROBLY MADE IT Ha ha ha
57 votes

//37 Apr 11, 2008 10:47 PM | posted by: RolexMan
No not all presidential,day and date Rolex watches are quartz. Infact Rolex only did that for so many years in the 80's that is use the quartz movement.I do not recall what years in the 80's but I do know at max they made the presidential quartz is 3 years and it was the in the 80's.Whoever said all fakes are quartz only are wrong,these days you can buy fakes that can only be identified by being opened and knows there way around automatic movements.
60 votes

//36 Mar 26, 2008 06:02 PM | posted by: drJ
I am curious if anyone knows anything about a few watches that were previously acquired, by my girlfriend of 7.5 yrs. At least 10+ years ago, she came into possession of several presidential watches, a submariner, and various other tangible items from her ex-significant other. She is a U.S. citizen with family in Canada. She recently was cleaning out her bank vault, up in Canada, and asked me if knew of any statue of limitations, (a five- year or a 7-year one), just in case her ex boyfriend had come upon the merchandise in an unusual manner. As I am sure you have surmised, she had no idea how they were acquired . He actually put them up as collateral for a loan she wrote him, of about 13.8K., at that time. I do believe he defaulted on that loan years ago, only making 3-4 payments. They have had no contact in last 8 years. I really would like to wear them, sell them, or do something w/ them. I also would like to have them serviced for her, A.S.A.P.! I am the cynical one of the pair, as is obvious and any help you all have, would be markedly appreciated.
59 votes

//35 Mar 21, 2008 10:25 PM | posted by: Steve
I have a Rolex Oyster with a clear back. I know it's a fake but I paid 16Ј(around $30). It looks fine and keeps great time. my only concern is how the hell anyone made it to sell at the price????
61 votes

//34 Mar 06, 2008 07:19 PM | posted by: Ret Navy Diver
In the 60's I was issued my first Rolex, it was a Tudor. I wore it for work and pleasure. Late in my Naval career I was issued a Submariner. It was the real deal. I also wore it for work. I still have both watches, both run as good as they did when I first received them. I purchased a Fake Rolex Submariner later in life because I have willed the two real ones to my Grandsons. I use my fake one daily, the only thing I find wrong with it is this. It stops running around midnight when the date changes, if I wear it to bed it keep running all the time. So if you want a LOOK - A - LIKE be carefull where it was made. Have had mine for about 6 years now and some times I pick up the real one by accident to wear because they both do look a like......
61 votes

//33 Mar 05, 2008 04:22 AM | posted by: Caro1 [InfoTOT]
Vinelles ....No President models are powered by Quartz movements
50 votes

//32 Mar 05, 2008 04:08 AM | posted by: caro
Yes Kristin you can get Tudor made in Mexico ....but they are rare!
I have one .........Mens day/date model 707 Gold filled incabloc, someother models must have been made but I have only seen two mine and another guys who is a watchmaker who has the same model.
I have many Rolex Tudor Bucherer Eterna (ETA) so please nobody tell me its a fake !
54 votes

//31 Feb 29, 2008 01:42 PM | posted by: KackieB
I continue to find the 5 grade method of rating fake Rolex's as very amusing---it's nothing more than BS marketiing propaganda invented by those who sell fake rolex's...My favorite is grade 1 swiss!---you'd think your buying cheese---what a crock!...Sure there's different levels of quality out there in the world of fake swiss timepieces but all of them come from Asia and most are so over priced here in the west it's just plain pathetic...the whole concept behind buyiing a fake rolex in the first place is to provide an opportunity for someone who's to low on dough the chance to look like they own one---or simply because you like it for novelty purposes---And the price should never exceed 100.00...If you spend more your a sap---How in the hell can it make any sense to pay 500.00-1000.00 for a fake rolex?---only a moron would do it...if you have that kind of dough, put it aside and save some more untill you've got enough to buy a real nice used one--do your research and buy from a reputable dealer...I have a very nice 2-tone datejust I bought around 6 or 7 years ago and it works perfectly & looks great--I paid a little less than 3 grand for it---which works out quite well being the watch has easily retained it's market value compared to what I spent on it!--can anyone say a replica ever goes up in value?...In conclusion, I have no gripes with replicas--I still own a few myself but I got them from friends who bought for me while they were on trips to China...they look very nice for fakes and I wear them--no swimming or showers though---and the prices range anywhere from 10.00 through 50.00 dollars---there's your 5 grade system--10 to 50 bucks!---do yourself a favor, if you cant find a decent fake for a song---dont buy one
59 votes

//30 Feb 01, 2008 09:18 PM | posted by: David
There's some very good information and shopping tips at this Google Answers discussion on replacing lost links in the watchband of a Rolex watch:

Well worth a look for anyone who's figuring out the best repair and replacement options.
61 votes

//29 Jan 25, 2008 10:44 PM | posted by: In response to GUY
"Replicas will be rated to somewhere between 30m and 100m where as the real Rolex is rated to 300m". It doesn't even make a difference 300 meters is 984 ft you can't go that deep even on mixed gas tanks...
55 votes

//28 Jan 21, 2008 05:27 PM | posted by: Bob
By the way, Rolex DOES and has for 20 years made a watch with a quartz movement...fact. Some people feel that a Rolex is like a piece of fine art as opposed to a print, a Lexus compared to a Chevette, a genuine Colt handgun vs. the $100 special, a diamond rather than CZ, a purebred German Shepherd over the free mix down the street, and so on. Life is but a vapor...
56 votes

//27 Jan 16, 2008 06:38 AM | posted by: tony
I bought a gold-plated genuine Oyster Perpetual Rolex at Bucherer in Geneva, Switzerland in 1984.
Bucherer has this day confirmed that they sold gold-plated Rolexes in the Air King model, the Oyster Perpetual, and a third model that is unclear to me. The gold-plate was called "Goldshell." Google it.
52 votes

//26 Jan 14, 2008 11:08 PM | posted by: BuddhaG
I bought a genuine Rolex, the timekeeping was poor, after 2 years and many adjustments I part exd it for a Tag.Recently I bought a Rolex from China, it looks great and keeps near perfect time. If you just like the look, why spend thousands.
64 votes

//25 Jan 07, 2008 11:31 PM | posted by: Actually Buying
I will buy my Rolex Replica today, I just canґt wait. Iґm buying a blue submariner, for $100, because I like blue watches, not for being a rolex. I will use it, but the first thing I will say is that Itґs a Fake (if someone ask).
The odds are that I canґt go away in the streets with it, I live in Brazil, someone should kill me for a replica.
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//24 Jan 07, 2008 12:56 AM | posted by: Guy
Wow you people amaze me. Information is easily accessible on the internet. First of all I am not going to sit here and say I own all these watches and make all this money. I am however, considered to be somewhat of a watch expert. Second of all, Rolex watches are NOT hand made and time is not spent on making them. Rolex produces somewhere between 1,000,000 watches per year. Do you know how many that is per work day? Rolex also states that they have 5000 employees in their Geneva factory. Granted not all 5000 are watch makers 2/3 of them are employees of which run machines that effectively make these high quality time pieces. Third of all, there are 5 grades of replicas. Swiss (grade 1), Japanese & Italian (grade 2-4) and Chinese (grade 5). Most of the High Quality Grade 1 replicas actually use genuine Rolex parts such as the Dial, Band, Crystal, and Case. The only difference between the two is the internals. Though many of the replicas are now using Rolex internals as well. Hard to believe? I know, this is how I reacted when I found this out. Just to let you know some of the mechanical replica Rolexes actually tell time more accurately than real Rolexes. Believe it or not some of these replica's are actually rarer than the genuine Rolex they are crafted after. Some are actually hand made! I'm not saying that replica Rolexes are better; what I am saying though is replicas are as highly crafted as real ones. One major difference between some high quality replicas and real is the water proofing. Replicas will be rated to somewhere between 30m and 100m where as the real Rolex is rated to 300m.
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//23 Dec 10, 2007 07:49 PM | posted by: Unknown
rolex has a see-through case back watch as a display model for its main page on the official rolex site, just to let you know.
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//22 Nov 05, 2007 10:10 PM | posted by: K
Vinelles - no Rolex President watch has ever been produced using a quartz movement - all Rolex, except one, exclusively use proprietary automatic/perpetual movements.
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//21 Nov 05, 2007 09:58 PM | posted by: K
To purchase any jewelry is a decision to spend hard earned money that can be otherwise spent in many other ways. Purchasing a genuine Rolex is much like purchasing art or diamonds - you don't need them but they hold a special value to the owner. Purchasing a Rolex replica holds no value or meaning other than wanting something to impress another or to fill an empty void to be someone you are not. People who purchase Rolex typically have no reason to impress anyone - they already have the income to purchase many other expensive possessions and hardly feel the need to impress the cashier at Wal-Mart. It represents another masterpiece of art that no replica, no matter how exacting it may be, can possibly reproduce. A fake is and always be a fake and so goes the person who owns one. I own many watches, 17 to be exact - all are genuine and valued in the tens of thousands of dollar including you guessed it just one Rolex. Some I rarely ever wear others a little more frequently. I own them not to impress or to sell for a profit someday in the future but because they are masterpieces of engineering and beauty. Nothing wrong with owning a quality $100 quartz watch but paying $100 for a replica Rolex is the same as purchasing a forgery of the Mona Lisa or a lab produced diamond - there's no value in owning a fake anything. P.S. Sorry to inform those who own fake Rolex watches that nearly anyone can literally spot a fake at more than 20 feet away no matter how precise the detail seems to be due to the quality of gold plating (it’s always too yellow in color and the glass or plastic crystals do not refract light like sapphire crystals.) At closer inspection a fake watch case isn’t milled and polished to the same specifications as are genuine Rolex and as in nearly all cases fakes have quartz movements causing the second hand not to smoothly sweep around the dial like Rolex automatic movements. These are just a few very easy ways to spot those great bargain fakes that everyone thinks is fooling others.)
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//20 Oct 24, 2007 03:00 AM | posted by: oy vey
oy vey. Its just a watch! If you find a replica of the rolex and love it, good for you. If you want to spend the thousands of dollars on something that just tells you what time it is, more power to you. Either way both people have a watch.
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//19 Oct 22, 2007 03:11 PM | posted by: Mike
I frequently buy "replica" Rolex watches in Cambodia and they are of surprisingly high quality. My cost? $10 to $11.
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//18 Oct 19, 2007 04:11 AM | posted by: Unknown
Well, only a snob would poopoo a fake watch buyer but only a fool or someone who's naive enough would spend thousands of bucks on a fake when they can be had for a C note. As long as there's folks who value more a person with a snob watch, you'll have smart buyers buying fakes to impress plastic minds. 'nuff said.
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//17 Oct 14, 2007 03:48 AM | posted by: George
This is simple guys. If you have the money and feel like buying the real thing, go ahead. If not, that is also great, but not to get a replica, replicas are to show off what you don't have. I personally prefer a real Casio over a fake Rolex.
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//16 Oct 11, 2007 08:28 AM | posted by: Kristin
Has anyone ever seen a Tudor Rolex made in Mexico?
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//15 Sep 27, 2007 10:49 PM | posted by: you're just bitter
enjoy that fake while it lasts (which will not be very long)
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//14 Sep 22, 2007 02:32 PM | posted by: mike miller
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//13 Sep 08, 2007 04:10 PM | posted by: jerry
i bought a replica Rolex submarnier. it looks, feels, and runs like a "real" Rolex. even the crystal has the crown etched in it at the number 6..Sweep second hand just like a real one.cost? $100.00
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//12 Sep 04, 2007 12:07 PM | posted by: Windy [InfoMANIAC]
Even if you think it' great there are people faking Rolex, why not no feel respectful towards the producers of authentic watches? They put a lot of work into their creations! And if you think Rolex watches are over-priced and 'are becoming a joke in the real world where people are starving', these are not the only amazingly expensive things one may buy just to match one's social status. Anyway, I'm sure Rolex deserves respect and admiration even if you are owning a fake one.
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//11 Aug 19, 2007 09:37 PM | posted by: Greg
Some joker here actual wrote down the words, case you need an authentic Rolex and are ready to pay the price..." What kind of pretentious pile of flesh needs a rolex? I bought my replica with the see-through back and I love it. Im going to spend my 7k on a nice dirt bike and some camping gear and go have fun! :)

I think it’s great we have people faking rolex as they are over priced status symbols that are becoming a joke in the real world where people are starving. Haha my speller wanted me to capitalize rolex. Now that’s sad.
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//10 Aug 10, 2007 11:18 AM | posted by: in response to lady
I bought a replica today - the guy who sold it to me assured me it was real, but for the price I paid it, I know it\'s not. He said they were kind of stolen and he got them from China (yeah, right). But I just wanted a nice looking watch, and I shopped in stores and couldn\'t find anything. This one looked exactly like what I wanted, and even though it\'s a fake rolex, it is still good quality. And I don\'t see why I would prevent myself from buying such a watch because some snob wants me to work harder to buy one. I\'m sorry but I got my university degree in science and work 70 hours a week, and I don\'t do it for the money. And unless I discover a rich family member about to die or become a gold digger and marry some old man, I\'ll stick to my budget and won\'t ruin it to know what time it is. Plus I don\'t need any brand name to show me what I\'m worth.
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//9 Aug 10, 2007 11:00 AM | posted by: grumbler [InfoMANIAC]
I completely agree with 'in response to lady'. Not everyone is crazy about branded things that cost amazing money. I personally prefer to buy moderately-priced items - just the style I like and not to pay for the prestigious status.
I'd better spend the money on a trip somewhere to the mountains.. or buy another good book, or some cool toy to my kid. I own my Casio for over 6 years and the only problem I had - it was necessary to replace the battery.
Rolex watches look great even if they are fake. Well, about the reliability - I'm not so sure...In general, women would rather have a collection of different watches rather than just one extremely highly-priced... and no matter are these fakes or branded...
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//8 Aug 08, 2007 11:00 AM | posted by: Rifenburg
I bought a nice Rolex Replica watch from a website about 6 months ago. The site was called The site said the watch was SWISS MADE and was guaranteed water-proof AND it was an AUTOMATIC movement just like the real rolex. I love it. It looks identical to a real one. I went to a local Rolex dealer and compared. I was very pleasently surprised. I thought it would be a piece of junk, but I've gone swimming and in the jacuzzi with it. Works great.
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//7 Aug 08, 2007 09:17 AM | posted by: Ol4
I'm not really an expert myself, but I read a lot about real and replica watches. The advantage of authentic watches is that their producers constantly work on innovations, improve their design and technical features. As a result, the quality and durability of their watches get better - so owners of authentic watches have a chance to really enjoy using their watch and rely on precise timekeeping.

Besides that, just imagine the difference between your inner feelings - when you wear a rear thing based upon well-established traditions and a replica. Surely, sometimes replicas are quite qualitative imitations and probably you don't really feel the difference as for the watch's performance.

The point of the article is actually to learn how to avoid fake Rolex watches in case you need an authentic Rolex and are ready to pay the price.
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//6 Aug 01, 2007 01:24 AM | posted by: stan
Instead of buying replica rolexes why not buy a rolex tudor which is cheaper than other rolexes and unlikely to be fake.
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//5 Jul 17, 2007 09:53 AM | posted by: Lady
If you can't afford to buy a real Rolex than buy yourself a swatch. If you want to show off work harder to buy a real watch.
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//4 Jul 10, 2007 10:51 PM | posted by: z
does anyone have a rolex than you like or dont like.
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//3 Jul 10, 2007 10:29 PM | posted by: Z
I also have a replica watch and i cant tell a diffence in looks or time keeping.Iit keeps perfect time.
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//2 Jun 29, 2007 05:19 PM | posted by: Vinelles
are all day date president watches powered by a quartze movement
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//1 Jun 29, 2007 11:00 AM | posted by: Patrick [InfoKID]
I don't think so. only replica watches are powered by quartz movements, cause that's what makes them cheap. inthe end, who's going to check the inners of your watch??? i got myself a replica watch, and not relly dissappointed: it's cheap and functional and it looks pretty much the same. but if you've got some $16 grand, go ahead and buy yourself a real rolex... now that would be an invesment!!!

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