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Fake priest asks for punishment


A man who pretended to be a priest was sentenced after he refused to pay a huge restaurant bill. Surprisingly, he seemed to urge for being jailed.

John Cronin, 36-year-old man was known as a sex offender and impostor who was convicted many times for different crimes, like bank theft. The most severe crime for which he spent 13 years in jail being a rape of a politician in Edinburgh.

However, the weirdest thing he committed lately was a luxurious meal he took for granted at one of the Swedish restaurants. He ordered scallops and beef together with four bottles of wine that would count for ˆ15,000. Then he tasted wine from each of the bottles to announce he had no money to pay the bill and asked the waiter to call the police.

Restaurant staff was amazed at his bizarre conduct as he acted very polite and looked quite well-dressed. He enjoyed the food and drinks he ordered and nothing was suspicious about his behavior.

Mr. Cronin admitted everything he was accused of simply stating he wants to be punished. He spend a lot of time in prison and didn't seem to regret that time.

Bengt Nilsson, his lawyer claimed this is the first time he is faced with such a case in his 42 year practice.

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