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Father Killed His Sons to Make His Wife Suffer


With the aim of making his estranged wife suffer and hate every Father's Day all her life, a man killed his three young sons.

The Melbourne court was told that 38-year old Robert Farquharson allegedly murdered ten-year-old Jai, seven-year-old Tyler and two-year-old Bailey by driving his sons into a dam, located in south-west of Melbourne. The event took place on Father's Day 2005.

In the Victorian Supreme Court the man pleaded not guilty of murdering three people. Prosecutor Jeremy Rapke QC stated that 2 to 3 months before the murder Robert Farquharson was spotted outside a shop together with his friend Gregory King.

"I got the shit car, she gets to drive around in the good car," Robert Farquharson told his friend Gregory King. These words were quoted by Jeremy Rapke. He also said that the accused told Mr. King the following: "She is not going to do that to me and get away with it". Rapke mentioned that Robert Farquharson wanted to take away what was the most important to his estranged wife.

Later, according to Mr. Rapke, Farquharson motioned with his head to his three sons while they were in the shop. Then, the court was told that the man said the key phrase: "Cindy will suffer every Fathers' Day for the rest of her life".

Peter Morrissey, Farquharson's attorney, stated that the crown's case had only a theoretical base, which is why he asked jurors to pay attention on the real facts.

While Mr. Morrissey was saying sympathetic phrases like "There are three beautiful kids dead, their father is on trial and ... he loved these kids ..." Mr. Farquharson wiped the tears of his eyes with a handkerchief.

The attorney said that his client was suffering from a coughing fit while he was droving along the Princes Highway. He then blacked out and the only thing he could remember was being sunk in water.

Mr. Farquharson's defense states that he didn't kill his kids. According to the accused he tried to save his kids but failed to do so.

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